If you’re looking for a dreamy look, which is natural and amazing at once then you should try doing your make-up boho-style! You’ll love its simplicity, trust me.

As you know, less is more. By using a light foundation and a little bit of bronzer you got the perfect start for your new look. But don’t go crazy on the make-up! Remember, boho is about keeping things in their natural way and about a carefree lifestyle, you don’t have to chase a perfect look. For your eyes, use light eyeshadows in natural colors, you can skip the eye-liner. Or if you’re can’t go without eye-liner at all, try going for a brown one instead of the usual black eye-liner and only draw a thin and soft line.

Your lips can get a more shiny look. Use a light lipliner and will your lips with a peach gloss for example. Of course you can chose other colors as well but don’t use too bright ones.

For expanding that look, use nail polish in gold or bronze, perfectly shiny for your dreamy style.

More information: www.makeup.com