Nordic & Chick: the up-and-coming label AYTM from Denmark is represented in every interior shop by now. With a small hint of luxury and elegance, the typical scandinavian look gets a completely new and irresistible charm. Behind AYTM (=”aitem”), there’s Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen, who also have been successfully leading the company Gran Living ApS since 2004.

Gran Living ApS imports high-quality furniture, distributs to interior shops and has proven quite capable of spotting upcoming trends; including their own designs. Since the founding of Gran Living ApS, the company has steadily evolved. Kathrine and Per have gathered plenty of experiences, which appeared more than useful during the founding of AYTM as well.

The company has been growing closer to concepts of nordic designs with sophisticated and elegant features, always focusing on high quality and exquisite details. Their products are quite eye-catching, even though most of their shapes are kept rather simple. Their interior equipment is luxuriously designed and evokes a sense of timelessness. In selecting the material for their works, AYTM mostly accesses hand blown glass, brass, copper, and leather.

AYTM’s collection not only covers decorative elements, but also functional accessoires. Their designs are always primarily predicated on contrasts of various materials and surfaces, but are still enormously good-looking and well balanced with a smooth chart of color range.


More info on: aytm.dk