Now that the Christmas holidays are just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the outfit. Be it at the Christmas party of the company, at dinner with your loved one or at the family celebration, a chic look is just the thing! Nothing has left a mark on the term “chic” more than Scandinavia.

The motto is minimalism and simplicity! Intense colors, combined casually, form the basis of relaxed chic. In Scandinavia, people rely on basic garments, which are then easily combined. This creates outfits whose comfort and visual effect are very hard to surpass. The focus is not only on its stylish design, but also on the functionality.

Minimalism can be super chic! Especially when dominated by black and white, it various outfits can be created from this contrast. Knitwear is a must, as well as satin or silk. Romance and gizmos are part of the Scandinavian chic as well as straightness.

My tip for your holiday look: combined materials and colors! My favorite look consists of black pants, a cream-colored lace top and cardigan. You can also combine the festive dress with black wool tights and a short blazer. Creativity knows no limits!

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