That facebook might be problematic for someone who cherishes privacy should not be news to anyone living in this time and age. But facebook is not the only platform which involves a certain risk. One should contemplate over the issue that Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has become a little social media empire on its own through the acquiring of platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram.

One of the bigger issues with social media is data security. Most encryptions make it easy for hackers to fish for data. Besides, facebook and its likes are amenable to US jurisdiction which means they are placed under the disposal of the US’ intelligence. Okay, this might sound like the talk of a paranoid weed smoking hippie, but this does not make this problem less serious.

Another issue is malevolent behaviour by different humans that use social media to rip-off other  people or use it for some crazy revenge story in order to hurt someone. But at times even John Doe shows some damaging behaviour through social media. Not necessarily damaging to others but to himself through the stalking of ex partners or the comparison to pictures of top models on Instagram.

Of course the internet is not bad. But every good thing can be abused by the consumer and therefore get spoiled. Like weed.