California is the place where digital progress happens and apps emerge on an hourly base. It’s the Eldorado for Smartphone and computer enthusiasts.

In the Silicon Valley you’ll find companies such as Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe and Facebook. And this is exactly the place where the “Smartphone Killswitch” law was born.

More than half of all the stolen goods in California are Smartphones. However, now you can remotely lock your phone and delete all the files on it with a smartphone killswitch which each Smartphone now has to feature.

Moreover, the sunny American state takes one step further to get rid of Smartphone pickpockets. From now on, people trying to sell Smartphones get fines between 500 to 2500 US dollars if they get caught.

I really hope the German law will become similar to those in California in terms of Smartphone theft. If you lose your phone in Germany, you don’t even have to bother trying to ever find it again.

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