At the latest after the alarming election results of this year, everyone must admit the fact that right-wing groups are not only present, but they’re also growing.

Social media enable the Nazis to reach and connect many people. Loudspeakers online have been supported by 7000 right-extremist internet contributions, 80% on Facebook. Whoever thinks that Facebook is trying to fight this, is wrong. It is enough that the brown hate commentaries are tolerated when they are marked as humor or satire. The reality is pure agitation on refugees and ethnic minorities.

Often, the trend is observed that Nazis camouflage their Facebook page as a patriotic group, but if you scroll down a bit, you can find the usual weak-witted and simply hackneyed thoughts of these anxious rage.

The left-hand page “Netz-gegen-nazis” has thus separated the Facebook page of the “German Patriots” (“I am Patriot, but no Nazi”). Homophobia, racism and hatred can be found here in all forms. But of course it does not stop at this 80,000 fans (!) Strong Facebook page. Also popular is the Nazi side “For Family, People and Home – Stop Multiculturalism and Islamization”. The name says it all. On the site you can find, besides the usual right-wing propaganda, photographs of Goethe and Schiller, after all, you are not a Nazi, you just love your home. Here, the heroes of Weimar Classicism would turn around in the grave, 14,000 followers make this brown group strong.

It seems as if the Nazis can enjoy all the freedoms on Facebook to spread more and more hate into the world. “Not at Home” pages are clearly positioned in the current refugee situation. There is simply a danger behind this, it does not remain with hate commentaries and right pictures. Here hatred and violence are instigated, which can mean death for innocent people in the worst case. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, there were over 800 attacks on refugee shelters in Germany alone this year. That something has to change is obvious. If you do not want to watch, look at the best time: