With SIMSme for Apple and Android the German mail service “Deutsche Post” apparently has managed to join the modern smartphone era. The Deutsche Post is advertising their product as highly secure with their custom encryption methods. Incoming as well as outgoing messages are encrypted and you can even delete them completely if you want to.

The NSA has been known to spy on German messages and mails on their US servers. Therefore, Deutsche Post promises that only German servers are used for communication. SIMSme is free and the ones who want to have all the data deleted about themselves can pay 89 cents – this will also delete your messages on other people’s devices.

Nowadays the NSA appears to be spying on us everywhere, be it Facebook, WhatsApp or Instragram. That’s not the tip of the outrageous iceberg though – Most messaging and chat services even make us accept dubious terms of service. Sending our texts and images in allegedly private messages gives them the ownership of our data.

I am not the only one who doesn’t want to be permanently surveyed and I also don’t want to have my data stolen for advertising purposes. Yes, many people think this way. The best proof for that is the Deutsche Post’s very own SIMSme website – there were so many users who wanted the SIMSme app at once, that the servers crashed.

And even though this app had a not so great start, I’ll do the best I can to convince all my friends to finally let WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger go! Since SIMSme is completely free, why not give it a try?


Copyright and Source: http://news.feed-reader.net/3404-absturz.html und http://www.sims.me/dl