Christmas is a time of reflection and giving. And while most of us are fortunate enough to be inside, enjoying the warmth and eating all of that delicious food, we should also take some time to think about our fellow men and women, who are less fortunate than us, and whose christmas time is not as enjoyable. The number of homeless people in Berlin rises, and many refugees could need a helping hand as well. And that is where you come into play. If you would like to make a difference during christmas time, there are many opportunities available.

In case you prefer to stay at home, you can simply give some money to charity. It does not have to be a huge amount, – every penny counts!

But if you do not have any money left after all that christmas shopping, you can also donate some clothing to refugee camps, the Red Cross, or a battered women’s shelter, in example.

Moreover, if you prefer to physically help out somewhere, you can also serve food at the Berliner Tafel.

Right about this time of the year, there are various charities looking for a helping hand like “Weihnachten fùr alle”, where you still can hand in presents for homeless children until the 24th December.

More Info on: www.weihnachten-fuer-alle.de