The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week surely did not only establish itself on the German market as the most crucial fashion week, but also succeeded in conquering the fashion industries of other countries including New York or Istanbul. On March 16th, another Fashion Week sponsored by Mercedes-Benz is taking place in one of the most pulsating fashion metropolises in the world: Tokyo. Japan’s capital city is known for its diversity. It’s the different faces and facets which transformed this fashion event into one of the most crucial fashion spectacles in the world no fashion addict should miss out.

Japan- the country of a thousand possibilities, above all when it comes of fashion. Here, different worlds clash with each other. The Lolita look is just one of the many extravagant styles which found a way into the fashion scene in Japan from where it is conquering the international fashion scene. This is another reason for fashion lovers to keep an eye on this fashion event.

The entire event will revolve around fashion collections for the fall and winter 2015/2016. Popular, sought-after, renowned, established but also new labels will present their visions of fashion for the coming winter on one of the most intriguing catwalks on this planet.  Hiroko KoshinoA DEGREE FAHRENHEITWHIZ LIMITED are just some of the participating designers. It’s the crème de la crème which will turn this event into a spectacle.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo can totally keep up with its pendants in Milan, London, Paris and New York. The entire world is looking at Tokyo two times a year with pleasant anticipation because Tokyo is then transformed into the birth place of countless trends which will in no time take the streets of metropolises all around the world by storm.

5351 – Pour Les Hommes

5351 – Pour Les Femmes

One of the brands responsible for this scenario is  5351 – „pur les hommes et les femmes“ . The label of the fashion creator Kazuhisa Komura and his partner Rei Takahashi combines the individual Japanese look with western coolness. Born in Tokyo, the brand has been the epitome of a city’s never ending development for 25 years.

Another brand from Japan is Black by Vanquish which will present an outstanding clothing line. Hayato Shiroyama devoted himself to cosmopolitan fashion for the mundane wearer.

At Curated on the other hand, the woman is placed in the foreground. Clear cuts and breathtaking prints will give you the ideal base to dress to impress.

The entire fashion spectacle is accompanied by Maybelline New York, the sponsor in terms of cosmetics. This amazing makeup brand will make sure that the Fashion Week Tokyo will be a sensation, even in terms of beauty.

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