what´s on my face today 1

Maybelline’s FIT ME! Foundation Stick; Catrice Augenbrauenpuder; Maybelline’s Liquid Eyeliner; Maybelline’s The Falsies in Waterproof; MAC’s Bad Girl Gone Good (RiRi Fall Collection) and MAC’s Bad Girl (RiRi Holiday Collection).

what´s on my face today 2

Hello my fellow beauty lovers,

I was just about to put my face on this morning when it dawned on me: I could totally post this. That way you guys get a glimpse on my brief morning routine or go-to-look if you will.

I’m on Christmas vacation now which in my case means that I banned my bachelor thesis (if you could even call it one in this early stage) to the deepest corner of my room. I’ve decided to spend my newly found free time to catch up with a dear friend of mine, a little bit of shopping, a cup of coffee and a sh*it load of girl’s talk.

It’s a very natural look for a laid back hang-out and I absolutely love it.

I didn’t have to use a primer nor a powder because I find the foundation stick to be creamy enough to rub in and still matte enough for my oily face. It appears to be a 3-in-1 deal for me and I am all over it.

What’s your Go-To-Look at the moment?

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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