Okay, you all know that asians are crazy about their body care. And you all know that Koreans are one of the top leaders of this obsession, but do you know their exact beauty routine? Well, to show you the whole body care routine of a typical Korean woman would take too long but we can give you an impression of the Korean face care.

But first I need to mention that this isn’t the routing EVERY Korean woman follows, it’s simply a trend from Korea. Also this isn’t an advise for you to go after, a healthy skin care means finding the right products for you and using them efficiently- not using as many products as you can find. Alright, but now let’s take a look what Korea’s crazy 10 step routine is!

1. Remove your make-up: So far, so good. Koreans use a soft oil for this step.

2. Face Cleaning: By massaging a light cleaning foam you’ll get rid of the rests of your make-up.

3. Peeling: This depends on your skin. If it’s too dry and sensitive, you can skip this step otherwise use the peeling once a week.

4. Toner or Refresher: Be careful which products you use, they shouldn’t contain alcohol otherwise your skin will get dry and the positive effect of the toner- which should be to calm your skin- won’t happen.

5. Essence: Softly apply the essence on your skin by tapping your fingers starting at the bottom and going up. This step is really important for moisturizing your skin so it can re-hydrate.

6. Serum/ Booster: Apply the serum just like the essence, it will clear up your skin and reduce wrinkles.

7. Sheet-Mask: Of course, a mask shouldn’t be missing here. A sheet-mask is soaked in ingredients like bamboo extract which gives your skin that special glow. Use it for 15-20 minutes.

8. Eye creme: For a young fresh look, of course totally necessary in Korea.

9. Emulsion: …that means a light moisturizer.

10. Creme: The ultimate moisturizer for your perfect look. And voila, you’re done!

As you can see, the steps go from using light textures to heavy ones. Does it help- no idea, but it’s still pretty fun to see how beauty routines are in different cultures. Also, you can’t deny that most Koreans are extremely gorgeous!

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