Aqua Mineral is an up -coming Israeli cosmetic brand that recently began to branch out to Germany. It offers a wide range of great anti aging skin and nail care products with precious minerals straight from the Dead Sea.

The Professional Nail Kit includes a hand cream, a nail buffer, a nail file and nail oil. The hand cream contains 125 ml and is both rich and long lasting. The nail file is a standard sand file with a coarse side to shorten the nail and one to smooth things over. The third item in the box is the buffer. It is provided with three different angles, one to to smooth, one to cleanse and the third to protect the nail. Last but not least, the nail oil. It contains 15 ml of product and is really long lasting as you only need one little drop per finger nail.

Upon reading numerous reviews online, I gathered that this set, especially the nail buffer, is not your everyday manicure tool. People reportedly said that this kit changed their nails for the better, making them smoother and shinier. This is due to the great raw materials the brand used to create this fabulous product. The minerals from the Dead Sea are said to both cleanse and nurture the skin around your nails as well as the nails themselves. So why not opt for a set that probably will last you a long, long time rather than spending a fortune on professional manicures at the salon every month?

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