Let’s face it, the weather is damn depressing at the moment. But still, it’s summer and summer should always be lived to the fullest. Maybe you’re one of society’s unicorns that just don’t give a damn about the temperature dropping. But maybe, just maybe you’re exactly like us and need a little bit more motivation to leave your bed on these rainy days. If so, we’ve got the solution for you! Okay, to be honest we can’t change the weather. But what we can do is to give you a reason to go out and enjoy yourself again.

Your fashion motivation for today is presented by Nike, Topshop and Asics, their stylish sneakers will surely lure you out of your house!

Asics’s sneakers bring the bright colors back to your daily life, perfect for an outstanding look.

For the minimalistic fashionistas we got these pure white Nikes. Wearing these you will feel like walking on clouds, seriously.

If you fancy something more classic, check out these sneakers by Topshop. Elegance and simplicity, a clean cut and soft colors, all together a wonderful clean style without too many details.