Sometimes a look is more than a look and sometimes hair is not only hair. Punks have always been showing us the connection of style and political issues. All in all it’s not only a matter of aesthetics and personal preferences but also a matter of freedom, resistance and opposition to society and the political system in general. Furthermore they’re known for one more thing- their coolness.

Good news is, recreating their style isn’t too hard. You just need some hair tinting lotion, plenty of motivation and even more hair wax!

Let’s start with a classic, the mohawk hair cut. It has a long history, even the native Americans have been wearing this hairstyle and you can still see punks wearing it today. If you want to try it out on yourself, all you gotta do is to shave the sides of your head that leaves only a strip going from neck to forehead. It doesn’t matter how long your hair is at this point, but the length makes different styles possible. You can dread the rest of the hair for example if your hair is pretty long and of course you can always dye it. The most common hair colors for punks are red, blue and green but you can also choose black if you’re more into Metal or Gothic. Next step is to use a lot of hair wax and then you can mount your hair however you please.

If you like it more freaky, try a double mohawk which is made of two parallel hair stripes or even more.

Another typical look is adding spikes to your mohawk which is pretty self explaining. You can also wear spikes without the mohawk as well but this is a more time consuming hair style because you got more hair left to style. Anyway if you fancy that look, get some hair wax into your mane and separate the hair. By creating bigger or smaller gaps the spikes get thicker or thinner. After separating you have to twist your hair all the way up, use some hair stray afterwards and you’re good to you.

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