Hello fellow beauty lovers.

For today’s Hot or Not I brought a little pocket review for you to read whenever you have a spare minute or two. I kept it short and I hope you like it.

I was probably the last person on earth to try out the concealing-under-the-eyes-thing. But ever since I did, I don’t want to stop. It makes such a difference – it’s unreal. With this little makeup hack you can literally open up your eyes. You instantly look more awake and fresher no matter what you did the night before. This little discovery brought me to this little gem here. I thought to myself, Lana, you do love those lipsticks by MAC to bits; why not try out their concealers? So I went up and headed straight to my MAC Pro Store and got some information. This product was recommended to me: The Pro Longwear Concealer.

It comes in a fragile looking flacon and has a pump dispenser. Because it was for my under eye area I opted for a lighter shade: NC20.

The opacity is simply out of this world. It simply erases every little flaw on your skin, including dark circles as well as prominent veins. It smooths out your skin, hides large pores and little wrinkles. The concealer also lasts the whole day, provided I set it with a little bit of powder. The one thing that really bugs me is the dispenser. Although it is more hygienic than brushes etc. it also always manages to pump out too much product. I already dread the day it runs out on me. What I do is to take the rest of the product to highlight the forehead and nose bridge but still, too much of the product is wasted. The price itself is also not something you can overlook. It retails for 20.50€, which is a lot.  The product is VERY good, I don’t argue that, but there are a lot of cheaper alternatives.

For those of you, who are on the market for a new under eye concealer because they haven’t found the right one yet and don’t mind the price tag, please feel free to click here to get to the official MAC website.

I personally really like the Pro Longwear Concealer. It does what it’s supposed to do but luckily I have found some cheaper products that do the same trick. That’s why it’s definitely a HOT product but a NOT for me.

If you want to read about cheaper alternatives, please head back to this page next Wednesday for my BOAB article.

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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