On YouTube you will find many, many challenges, that are created by Makeup Artists to entertain you. Some of them are truly interesting, others are simply funny or inspiring. Makeup artist MARYIA.AE started the incredible ‘Full Face of Highlighter challenge’, in which she painted her entire face with highlighters. From foundation to eyebrows and lips, everything was covered with highlighter and created a single shimmering surface. Other YouTube stars like NikkieTutorials or Jeffree Star joined this trend and attracted more and more Makeup Artists to recreate this shimmering gloriousness.

The products used in the videos are of course only the best of the best.

The Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powders are go-to highlighters frequently featured in those videos, as they currently are among the most pigmented highlighters on the market. The products are loose pigment powders that look extremely metallic and glittery on the skin. Products such as ‚Champagne Pop’ by Becca were often used as well, since it surely is one of the most intense highlighters you can get your hands on right now.

Whether this challenge is a real inspiration or just a pure waste of product, is debatable. Nevertheless, the videos are a nice watch and definitely and incredibly entertaining.

Watch the MARYIA.AE Highlighter Challenge Video: