In our age, cosmetic procedures are varied and abundant. They range from hair and lash extensions over chemical peels to the occasional botox procedure. With this apparent surge in popularity, people tend to forget that cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction and ‘tamer’ procedures like botox injection to enhance one’s outer appearance are in no way health beneficent. They are even harmful and can be very dangerous.

Especially when Mother Nature has blessed us with so many natural resources to optimize our apperance. The hibiscus flower for instance is a natural source for alpha-hydroxy acids or ‘AHA’s’. These acids are known for effectively speeding up cell turnover, which leads to smoother and fresher skin. This fact right there makes the plant the perfect alternative to the popular syringe filled with the neurotoxin Botox. AHA improves the skin’s elasticity and flexibility, which cause many to call it the Botox plant.

The best thing about using the natural source over the chemical one: The acids do not come with the overly harsh and damaging skin effects like their chemical counterparts. ‘Be Youthful’, an organic and cruelty-free skincare brand, has brought out a skincare set uniquely built around the anti-ageing properties of the hibiscus flower. The set includes a cell renewing face mask and a rejuvenating moisturizer that can be used by both men and women. This set can currently be purchased from here.