Andrea Pompilio  awaits us with a lot of surprises in the new summer collection! The men’s line presents many details and sophisticated cuts, so it might be difficult to detect the whole extent of refreshing designs at first sight. Graphical allover patterns, voluminous cuts and straight lines ensure a unique modern twist! The experimental mixture of different materials is simply exceptional.

Urbanity has never been so fascinating! Nerds, hipsters and surfers come together to mix their styles into a common look which is defined by vivid voluminous and straight forms. The more distinct the cut, the more impulsive the pattern appears. Oversized checks and stripes meet in exciting combinations.

Down below, he wears wide shorts or pants which are often adorned by motifs. They are then combined with low-cut tank tops and t-shirts. Even knitwear can be found here. Print jackets, ponchos, coats and cool boxy jackets round off the outfit. The different patterns allow graphical contrasts whereas in terms of colors, we can see dark gray and blue shades alongside beige, cream, white and khaki.

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