In the wide variety of labels, one stands out in particular: the green fashion label Shakkei. Using exciting combinations of flowing silhouettes and vibrant colors, the summer collection currently causes a stir. Shakkei-Fashion, which stands for sustainable production, invites you on a journey from the classics to current trends. One thing, however, never gets lost: the brand’s identity.

Shakkei reflects nonchalance, urbanity and trendiness. The summer collection 2016 is named “Green Love Affair”, which probably stands for the love of sustainability. Inspired by the Japanese “Story of Genji”, where traditional art forms are depicted in detail, the brand uses shapes and colors as the eye-catchers.

Sweatshirts with V-Neck, boxy jackets and slim-fitting jackets are paired with slim pants. The looks are elegant, yet casual and urban. They get us ready for summer, which is probably mainly caused by the cheerful colors. Individual prints mingle with the Bordeaux, gray and white, as well as black, turquoise, beige and blue.

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