If this week completely revolves around the elegant men’s look, accessories must not be disregarded either. This includes shoulder bags, shoes and cufflinks alongside ties and bow ties. The latter can be found at A la Russe  in a very special style. The classic men’s accessory is reinterpreted in a thrilling way, with bold patterns and vibrant colors making it an eye-catcher.

A bow tie is able to perfect an entire outfit of either a suit or a nonchalant combination with jeans pants. That’s why A la Russe’s bow tie is simply perfect. Away from the classic, long outdated design towards urban extravagance. Now, it’s the paisley patterns and many other designs that rediscover the men’s favorite accessory.

Mostly floral and botanical motifs adorn the bow tie. The colors range from earth tones through pastel to popping shades. The fact that the patterns are usually designed asymmetrically makes them even more interesting. So, if you plan to glam up next time, try to exchange your black tie with one of these exclusive models. This is how you can transform any classic outfit into a fashionable highlight.

By the way, all these pieces are one of a kind!

More Information: www.a-la-russe.de