Metal Moon

The brand Metal Moon is a pure online fashion enterprise, which sells its products directly to its customers without any intermediaries. The latest collections can be found on the internet page and can be acquired directly there. The young style of the label can be considered very progressive and fueled by constant innovation. The founders and designers Rikke Hubertand the stylist Stephanie Loa Flindt rely on individuality and offer extravagance in limited quantities.

The year 2014 gave birth to two collections, a ready-to-wear line with the name “Metal Mouth” and the matching beach version. Both are marked by a modern, sporty and juvenile look, which is fun and appears unconventional. The RTW designs aren’t only comfortable, but also extraordinarily easygoing and on top of that they can look very sensual. From the batik crop top to the knitted embroidered bomber jacket, you can find an extravagant  and urban free time looks here.

The matching swimwear plays with the same elements mentioned above including the characteristic prints. Sportiness and comfort is paired with seductive juvenileness – the holidays can come! Bikinis with a draped design, the bathing suit and the beach shirts impress with batik and color splashes and will turn the next summer into the time of our lives!


Photography • Suzana Holtgrave

 Makeup • Ivana Zoric

Styling • Catharina Gerekos