Image : Vivienne Westwood

Former Girlfriend of Punk and fashion legend Malcolm McLaren Vivienne West started her career as one of the first designers of her time, who would like to change the industry with a political background. As can be seen by her new collection called ?Climate Revolution?, which she presented in Fashion Week London, she stayed through to this ambition.

The collection dresses its models in a style, which let them seem like they would be part of the Suffragettes of the early 20th Century. The very essence of the collection gives an idea of the creative   disorder of the designer.

Skillfully Westwood is able to combine the 80s look of square-shouldered jackets, the minimalist style of today and an almost boyish style, defined through pointed collars and men’s trousers. Wouldn’t it be common knowledge that Westwood is a master of her craft, you could be tempted to imagine her drifting through the fabric of space and time without even noticing. Common theme of the collection are the many interludes of red materials and colors, which keep it together as a whole.

Next to Westwood’s urge to make a statement for a clean and natural planet, she wants her collection to be seen as anti-mainstream. Through her collection she shows, that every style can be trendy and that all that matters in the end is, that you are authentic and happy with who you are.

Image: viviennewestwood