Deeply infatuated with fashion yet still struggling to find the “right” label? Then why not check out the designs of Timo Weiland?

This brand, eponymously named after its designer, stands for a refreshing and masculine style. Their latest line can be described as “Royal British chic”, and is allegedly one of the most currently sought-after fashion styles. It achieves an innovative elegance using street wear elements – the result of combining classics and modern pieces. It’s fascinating how they’ve combined different statement elements, and the results are even more fascinating. Choose from a wide range of playful and elegant looks, all of which would look right at home both in an urban jungle or the countryside. I personally associate this style of innovative aristocracy with a sense for sportsmanship and trendiness. The blue-green check pattern is particularly traditional. Blue is the main color in this collection, and this honour extends to blue in all its glory and variations.

I’d categorize the outfits as chic – take for instance the combination of jogging pants and a dress shirt. Elegant and sporty statement pieces are coupled together, ushering in a new era of modern elegance. Blazers are for instance worn with leather jackets or army inspired navy jackets.

Layered looks are taken to a whole new level, as pieces with entirely different styles are mixed and matched together. The resulting look? An outstanding collection!

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