We live in a digital world where the smartphone is the most important companion for a lot of people. When choosing the brand, opinions usually differ. It is not just about a good performance, as the design also plays a major role nowadays. Let me introduce a very special smartphone brand that is not only revolutionizing the design!

Its name is Vertu ,  and this label specializes in luxury phones. In various collections, the brand has perfected both the performance and appearance of the portable all-rounder, which in this case is anything but ordinary. The symbiosis of refined accessories with impressive technique succeeds flawlessly. Currently, the label has become a talking point thanks to its collaboration with the luxury car manufacturer, Bentley.

All models are made by hand in England and stand for luxury. The high-quality design lives on individual details, which can be adapted to the needs of the customer. In addition to an individual engraving, the customer can further personalize it by choosing the leather, the color and the design.

However, the Vertu Smartphone is much more than a powerful piece of technology; it rather opens the door towards a glamorous lifestyle. By owning one of its smartphones, the customer may get exclusive access to fashion and sports events. Vertu is highlighted by impressive picture and sound quality and an extremely fast performance. This smartphone is simply exceptional. So are the materials, including ruby, sapphire and titanium.

More information: www.vertu.com