H&M is probably the best known fashion chain in the world and is popular with fashionistas like no others. The reason: H&M offers trends before they even appear. H&M makes trends and develops them. The assortment is constantly changing, and displays itself as a symbiosis of classical and innovative highlights. H&M has a nose for the latest developments and originality. Also its Home Collection pieces are full of originality and show what a trendy home actually means.

There’s no other place we feel better than at home. Responsible for this is not only the furniture, but also decorations, also called home accessories. H&M’s range is extensive and offers a wide selection of them. This is where scented candles meet mirrors, where pillow slips meet candlesticks and curtains meet cutting boards.

The modern and contemporary design invites you to constantly change your home appearance. The metal scented candle is quickly becoming the eye-catcher and the pillowcase with botanical print the statement piece. The accessories are designed so that they fit easily into an overall picture and still create highlights.

My personal favorites are the storage boxes that cannot be outdone in their functional sophistication and design. Whether you put them in your kitchen, bathroom or living room, they always ensure order and class.

More Information: www.hm.com