Although Oktoberfest is over, it’s definitely worth checking out the current garbs fashion, which appears very modern and skillfully colorful this year. It’s all about bright colors, especially when it comes to the lederhosen, a must-have that is no longer only made for men. Now, even the modern women wear the short leather pants which is in no way inferior to sensual dirndls.

Especially the exciting color changes the look of the traditional garment. Red is the color of the year, which is more than exceptional in combination with the leathered pants. Fans of the traditional fashion now opt for a more extravagant style rather than the classical, natural colors.

Although the cuts and the traditional features retained the familiar look, red changes the entire effect. From a traditional garment to such a modern fashion piece – the lederhosen is so historical that, despite their classical design, they still move with the times. Here’s my advice: Simply combine the red pants with a white shirt or blouse, and your outfit is complete!

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