Papp Up  is a modern eyewear label which stands out with real innovation. The very name arouses interest and is not just a farce, because Papp Up reinvents the glasses, making them into accessories made of cardboard. Cantemir Gheorghiu, performance artist and now also designer, first wanted to make a joke by wearing cardboard glasses in order to oppose the fashion nerds and hipsters. But the funny joke quickly became serious when the stylish accessory became popular among the fashionistas.

Papp Up follows the Berlin motto “arm aber sexy” (Eng.: “Poor but sexy”), presenting glasses in cardboard, felt or textiles. It is mostly discontinued models which are used for the iconic accessories. Since the breakthrough in 2010, they have been offered in a variety of designs. Gheorghiu stands behind the label, which is, by the way, based in Berlin Kreuzberg. One of his inventions is the Papp UV. These are sunglasses, which consists of a mixture of cardboard and wood. Now there are also reading glasses – another fantastic innovation. These are so narrow that they can be clamped between the books pages.

In my opinion, Papp Up has already achieved cult status among the accessories label. Gheorghiu proves that sometimes it takes only a spontaneous idea to take in the world of fashion. And this idea is particularly refined.

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