Tatjana Parfionova has again excelled herself. At the sight of her latest collection that was given the name “Quigun”, you will once and for all finally stop questioning whether fashion is really art. The designer, headquartered in Russia, is known for her ethic principles which she stays true to. She only makes use of synthetic fur materials, while drawing attention to the significance of cultural structures, folklore and ethnic minorities with her clothing strongly inspired by tradition.

When asked about the backgrounds and intentions of her “Quigun” collection, she said that she was strongly inspired by European perception of Chinese culture as well as Henri Mattisse’s paintings. These influences are clearly visible. Allover patterns consisting of stylized human figures in extraordinary poses are decorating long-sleeved tops and pants. Exploding with color, the prints do remind you of Matisse’s paintings. However, from my point of view, the oriental aspect of the collection is even more prominent. Oversize silhouettes as well as smooth silky fabrics that seem to drip with color visibly represent the Asian vein of this collection. Knot fasteners arouse associations with Chinese tradition. Nevertheless, despite the strong influences, the collection itself stays a unicum. Those who enjoy extravagant fashion should definitely keep an eye on Tatjana Parfionova.

More Information: parfionova.ru