Every woman should have a red lipstick in her beauty repertoire. Red is one the few bold, bright colors that suit any woman. Nevertheless, there are tons of different shades, which makes it pretty difficult to find the one that suits your complexion. Not every red lipstick flatters every skin tone. Let’s discuss which red tones suit your complexion best.

Fair Skin Tone: Coral and pinkish shades give fair skin a fresh, natural looking finish without looking too bold. Especially when you have a cool complexion, try to find a red lipstick with a blue undertone. This one compliments your skin without washing it out!

Beige Skin Tone: Blood red makes your teeth appear whiter and brighter. Pink and peach provides your lips with a natural finish.

Olive Skin Tone: Your warm complexion looks best with brown shades, giving you a very elegant appearance while berry or apricot create a more youthful, sassy look.

Caramel Bronzed Skin Tone: If you want to wear red for an everyday look, try out orange or brown undertones. Berries, deep red and wine red, on the contrary, are ideal for a sexy, glam look. Your skin tone actually goes well with almost any red shade.

Deep Skin Tone: Don’t go too dark, otherwise you’ll look rather gloomy than bloomy. Opt for wine red, burgundy, fig and cranberry shades. Deep skin tones goes very well with cool-based red lipsticks that give you a stunning, seductive finish.