Rio de Janeiro is diverse, colorful, multi-cultural and has so much to offer. Fabrica Behring   is one of the special highlights, which you can find in Santo Cristo, one of Rio’s districts. In the former factory for sweets and chocolates now lies an arts center. The motto is “from old to new”; the decommissioned sweets factory has turned into a cultural stronghold.

New vitality is drawn to the building thanks to art. Nowadays, it hosts a variety of art forms. Workshops are also held in the impressive building. Here, you can paint, build, glue and experiment. Not only people from different artistic inclinations can be encountered here, but also people with different cultural backgrounds.

The Fabrica Behring is the center of the city’s art scene. Here is where creativity is home and there’s a constant exchange between the numerous, different people. The special atmosphere also attracts many visitors. In addition to photography and video art, sculptures, literature and performing arts are created at Fabrica Behring.

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