Currently, David Parfitt lives his life fully as a still-life photographer. But this is not the only photography art that he mastered. During his over two centuries-long career, he also had many experiences in the field of fashion and beauty. Why does everyone love this photographer? Because he simply underlies each of his pictures with elegance. Thanks to his large spectrum of work, David is now a favourite in the scene – popular with clients from A-Z.

The peculiarity in David’s work lies in the fact that he presents all the pictures as a still life, both the beauty products as well as the clothes. For him, everything revolves around itself, and he has just the knack for that! Every piece allows him to create a personal space which adapts itself to the material. But this does not mean he lacks individuality.

Besides the glamour-effect of his pictures, there is the elegant use of lightings which determines the style. In the portfolio, one thing is certain: complete devotion to the cause. Lip sticks, make up, shoes or jewellery are thoughtfully highlighted in front of a neutral background. Only seldom does David use other utensils, for example in terms of natural materials.

Considering that he is a seasoned photographer, you can of course find entire picture sets by David– one of these is simply named “Bubbles” and deals with the motion of various liquids. How can this be any more apt: Less is more!

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