As the name suggests, Friendly Fur  is about furs which no animals are killed for. You wonder how that works? Friendly Fur uses only fur produced by, for example, the forestry. Friendly Fur tries to find the balance between nature and modern urban lifestyle and has therefore decided to go down this path.

The label plays with the expression of the wilderness, leaving most skins in their natural appearance. The focus is on the breathtaking cuts of the fur products. This does not only include coats or jackets, but also capes and accessories such as caps, collars and pockets.

Friendly Fur meets the pulse of time with their furs and presents itself in a young, urban and refreshing manner. Each model has lovely unique features which emphasize their independence from the rest of the fashion world. The brand is based solely on the demands of sophisticated trendsetters, but not on any random trend. Friendly Fur therefore distinguishes itself not only through the individual procurement of furs, but also through the style.

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