Once you are in Brazil, you encounter a world of perfect bodies: curvy women with hourglass silhouettes are seen everywhere. But since not everyone is born with such a perfect figure, some go and consult a plastic surgoen.

The typical hourglass silhouette that defines the Brazilian beauty ideal was made popular by the beach and dance scene, where the body is particularly in focus. In Brazil, beauty means a lot. This is why Brazilian women go great lengths to look perfect. Plastic surgery therefore is no uncommon method for Brazilian women to get their desired body. Particularly Brazilian Butt Surgeries have received a great deal of attention from the media lately.

Butt augmentations were first performed in Mexico and Argentina. In the 1970s, Brazilian doctors initially used flat breast implants for the enlargement of the butt muscle. Today, doctors make use of implants that are either made of silicone or autologous fat.

In Europe that type of surgery is regarded with scepticism. However, celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj caused a whole hype surrounding big buttocks. Whether butt surgeries will become a trend here in Europe as well is still doubtful. But it seems that the demand for this rather extreme surgery is rising in the rest of the world.