Founded in 1991, the Brazilian brand Amir Slama developed into one of the most important beachwear brands in Brazil. The brand and the eponymous designer behind it enjoy great international popularity. The urban models are known and loved far beyond the borders.

Amir Slama designs impressive pieces for the beach and the city. The brand stands for summery creations and constantly develops its own look. The lifestyle concept of this summer fashion label catches on, especially because of the unique designs. Even supermodel Naomi Campbell used to be an ambassador of the brand.

In the development of the relaxed and uncomplicated pieces, particular attention is paid to the comfort, because it’s all about feeling good. This is how sophisticated swimsuits and bikinis are created besides dresses, tunics and jumpsuits. The cheerful color is only one of many recognizable features.

Playful straps, cut-outs in the cross look and different designs complement the beauty of the creations.

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