Australia is known for its aborigines and also for the culture to which fashion belongs. There are different communities whose descendants still live in the far-off country. I’d like to introduce the fashion culture of the indigenous peoples and their impact on today’s fashion.

Until today, organic materials and products have defined the look of aboriginal fashion. In the past, aborigines would use the bark of trees to make their accessories. Fur has also been part of the cultural heritage of the Australian aborigines, and used to be colored or painted sumptuously.

You certainly think of elaborate motifs and embellishments the moment you hear the term aboriginal. That’s true, because aboriginal fashion has been determined mainly by the extraordinary motifs until now, playing a role in contemporary Australian fashion collections. Large-scale patterns are the heritage of the aborigines and have influenced designers across the globe until now. Today, aboriginal fashion means innovation and creativity with distinct Australian features.

Here are some designs of the Australian label Kaninda:


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