At Manou Lenz, this winter is going to be really extraordinary as the fashion brand presents a unique accessory – the sequined cloth. Since scarves are simply a part of the winter, why not just exchange simplicity with glamor? Manou Lenz presents the scarf as a new basic piece and, owing to its various style options, it is quite changeable.

The trendy sequin scarf is available in six different colors: black, gray, pink, mint, bronze and white. At the ends of each scarf, there are color-coordinated sequins attached. They refine the trend pieces and give provides excitement in any combination. The scarves do particularly well in the feminine wardrobe and leave space for your own interpretations.

The soft material ensures a particularly high comfort level and makes the eye catcher quickly become a showpiece. It warms you up, makes an impression and is trendy. Manou Lenz has done everything right. I find this glamorous accessory so well-made because it ensures subtle elegance. I especially like the option to choose from different colors, with which you can tailor your scarf to your hair color, your favorite jacket or the winter shoes.

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