Australia is a fascinating country that attracts visitors from around the world thanks to its impressive nature and attractive cities. Backpackers in particular are attracted there. No wonder that everything tourists love quickly spreads around the world. What kind of items, food or music has made the leap from Australia to the world? Here are my personal export hits from Australia:

Vegemite! The Australian bread spread made from yeast extract is indeed hard to get here, but this won’t be a problem in diehard shops in Australia. This delicious spread is addictive and after one try, there is no turning back. In England, you’ll find it at every supermarket!

UGG Boots! Their iconic boots conquer the world. No other shoe has so much warmth and such a classic shape at the same time. The classic UGG boots are available in short or long versions, and they are worth every penny.

AC / DC! One of the most iconic rock bands of all time comes from Australia. Of course, we can’t go without them, which is why we’re delighted over this export and look forward to more export talents “made in Australia”.

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