Scandinavian design stands out from the rest of the design world whether we’re talking about fashion, furniture or décor items. Minimalism and functionality are the key concepts that define the Nordic style. It’s needless to mention that “Scandinavian Simplicity” a world-renowned concept. The design “Made in Scandinavia” is famous and has long become established in the whole world.

Scandinavian design art works conquer the world market with industrial and natural charms. It really doesn’t matter which segment the pieces are classified to, because even kitchen appliances in the Scandinavia look leave a lasting impression. The deliberate simplicity ensures an individual line. This is aesthetics that impress.

Straight lines, simple shapes with geometric preforming and simple details stand for the Scandinavian design which is simply amazing. Materials such as wood and metal ensure a warm, understated charm. The Scandinavian design appears almost rational. Thanks to its minimalist look, it can be arranged into any existing image but still presents an eye-catcher

Scandinavian designer items for your home can be found, for example, at Mater Design. The label provides furnishing and lighting products in simple shapes.

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