The designer Syota Masuda initially participated in the fashion industry by merely consuming fashion. However, his love for clothing and accessories convinced him to establish himself on the fashion market as a creator because he wanted to fulfill and implement his own visions of couture. This is how the brand Noir Fr  emerged in the winter 2010. As the name already suggests, the color black serves as the base of this brand’s style.

The assortment of the label is huge and appeals to men as well as women. As I already mentioned, Syoto is experimenting with different facets of the color black. You think that black is black? Think again. This brand is proving that black definitely is not just black. Instead, we will see different shades of black at Noir Fr, which becomes clearly visible in the multitude of black fabrics, black surfaces and amazing cut-out designs. Shiny textures are particularly eye-catching. In order to be able to grasp the concept of the brand, just take a look at the amazing summer collection 2015 which emphasizes the simplicity of this noble color in a very sophisticated manner.

Let’s first focus on the pieces for men. They are wonderfully masculine, although they sometimes surprise us with extraordinary cuts. Firm and rigid fabrics like black leather clash with transparence and perforations, which represents a very refreshing contrast. The plain shirt is worn with a shiny pair of skinny pants which are then again combined with a leather vest. Asymmetries and semi-transparent design bestows innovative structures upon the all in all elegant look. Shiny gold and silver were, too, incorporated into the designs and bring in amazing contrasts.

The women amongst you on the other hand will discover a multitude of turquoise, gold and grey metallic shades which interact beautifully with the color black, taking you to exciting visual adventures. Defined by modern cuts, the dresses, skirts, shorts and casual t-shirts will surely draw you under their spell. Sewn-on crosses on the chest, metallic, rectangular prints, transparent elements or leather accentuations refine the collection masterfully.

In March, Noir Fr is receiving the chance to show what it has got within frameworks of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week .

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