Jacket & Pants (left-hand side) • Noèlia Aranda  
Shirts (right-hand side) • Noèlia Aranda  
Skirts (right-hand side) • Soulpot Studio

Coats • Noèlia Aranda  
Jewelry • Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier 
 Shirt • Noelia Aranda
Pants • 3.Paradis

Noelia Aranda is a Spanish designer based in the artistically pulsating metropolis Barcelona. She just graduated from the LCI Barcelona last year, revealing a collection with the name “Waste”. To the surprise of us fashion addicts, this clothing collection includes unisex clothing which is inspired by contrasts between male and female and Yin and Yang.

The traditionally Far Eastern component is clearly emphasized in the look book, particularly if you take a look at the shoe designs. Both models wear traditional Japanese sandals, which are called Getas. The collection almost completely consists of widely cut pants, skirts, coats and shirts in black, cream white, grey and wine red. The cuts let the real body proportions disappear and therefore stress the unisex aspect of the clothing beautifully. The flowing lines point to the designer’s inspirational source which is manifested in the contrast and similarity of female and male, a phenomenon which has always been fascinating humankind ever since we developed a conscience. Incredible.

Thanks to the wide cuts and light fabrics which form beautiful pleats, the look reminds us of an era before our time. The collection can just be called fascinating and makes me look forward to Aranda’s next creations!



Photography • Dunja Antic
Styling • Catharina Gerekos, Readthetrieb
Hair & Make-up • Ivana ZoricMAC cosmetics