Leather and fur by Schacky is very popular in the fashion scene. Here is where two traditional materials meet a pioneering design that is marked by a strong character. The bold yet simple theme works as a golden thread in the collection. Schacky, known for stretch leather and fur fashion, develops unforgettable creations.

The newest models appear very natural in terms of colors. Copper, granite and blue shades work as a contrast and symbiosis at the same time. The contrasting color play emphasizes a natural, urban idea of cosmopolitan fashion. The simple, plain line becomes a statement thanks to the interesting materials. Smooth leather has a totally different effect than the pieces that were made of suede.

Besides the materials, it’s the exclusive and original cuts that stand out the most. With the strong and bold cuts and the striking lines, and the garments are a declaration of love to the woman. Sensuality is put on the same level as coolness, thereby highlighting the urban style.

Romantic patchwork coats and playful capes overshadow everything else. The Munich-based label combines casual day fashion with classy evening wear. The fur coat in the camouflage style, the coppery fur dress and the leather leggings are true showpieces! Our online store awaits you with the new elegance from Munich.

More Information: www.schacky.com, www.styletrieb.com