For summer 2015, Augustin Teboul concentrates on an original look with a modern touch. The label’s features are rediscovered in an innovative way. This includes black and a big helping of extravagance. Augustin Teboul is one of the few labels that place its creations between modern street wear and avant-garde haute couture.

The designers Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul leave the wearer enough space for living out their fantasy and create their own fashion universe. Both completed their fashion studies at the Esmod Paris in 2006 and then started realizing their passion. Perfect treatment of the fabrics is a must. Furthermore, the striking variety of different textures is another crucial attribute of this brand’s style.

Even though you may think that an all-black outfit could turn out very monotonous, Augustin Teboul proves the opposite. I have never seen this many textures and structures within outfit. Leather, cut-outs, crocheted fabrics, knitted fabrics – all these delicate fabrics result in a diverse design landscape. Furthermore, the cut-outs and transparent fabrics give birth to beautiful contrasts as they let the skin shine through. Floor-length dresses and t-shirts are marked by mesh-like cut-outs, applications, sequins and fringes.

Augustin Teboul represents a new fashion branch and presents it in a rocking and seductive way. In January, you can visit this brand’s show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Copyright and Source: http://www.augustin-teboul.com