Luxurious, casual, everyday streetwear without much effort – that is the essence of the design philosophy which newcomer Baja East follows with his impressive fashion. The trendy duo Scott Studenberg and John Targon is the driving force behind the casualwear label with the extravagant city flair. Since their debut in 2013, they have been controlling the New York fashion scene. Both are considered indisputably experienced in the fashion world. While Studenberg gained experiences as a top sales manager for the luxury label Lanvin, Targon excelled in the sales management area of ??the prestigious brand Burberry Prorsum. Surely the New York fashion scene seemed to have encountered an undeniable goldmine when the two decided to implement their visions of a relaxed West Coast fashion for any occasion in everyday life.

Nevertheless, feminine elegance doesn’t come short at all. Baja East’s designs are more of a modern symbiosis of sporty streetwear elements and nonchalant, skillful femininity. As an inevitable significant source of inspiration, you’ll always notice the wanderlust and jet set life of the designers which leads them to exotic countries. The impressions they collect on their travels are reflected in their fashion lines.

In fact, the RTT editors could hardly suppress a smile when we took a look at the fall collection of the cool streetwear label. This one was undoubtedly inspired by a typical Berlin scenario. “Bae is on a Detox” is the name of the collection. The Berlin night crowd, however, has a somewhat different definition of the term “detox”. The designs are surprisingly gloomy and grungy, and obviously remind of the weekly goings-on at one of the most famous clubs of the world – the Berghain in Berlin, whose visitors all like to get dressed in a fancy all-black appearance to get into the drug-induced escalation and excess.

What kind of scenario have Studenberg and Targon imagined? Now, after the Baja Bae experienced the night of her life at the techno temple, she sets out to warmer climes, where she shows her sunnier side to draw attention on the beach.

Glamorous grunge meets smart-casual ethnic flair. What more does Bae want?

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