Martha Stewart is probably the queen of the USA when it comes to managing a household. She is able to bring every household to another level of perfection with her creative suggestions and inspires with her ideas. For the holiday season she has many ideas in store that will turn your home into a winter wonderland. Here are some of the best Christmas decoration ideas:

  1. With this idea, you can give your home a special wow factor. This statement decoration piece will impress every visitor. A chandelier is here replaced by a huge wreath which guarantees a christmacy feeling.

2. The next idea will above all appeal to those who are more into a minimalistic form of decoration. The candles that are surrounded by flowers create a festive mood and let any Christmas table shine. The ideal color for the flowers is of course red to represent the color of the holidays.

  1. 3. Turn your simple tea lights into Christmas gems. Because Christmas is not the same without Glitter. Grab your ordinary candle jar and paint on the desired shape with some glue. Then sprinkle white glitter on top, let it dry and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

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