The winter coat is our most important companion during fall and winter. Thanks to the vintage wave, fur coats have been revived and they impress us with their exclusive and extravagant touch. However, not everyone is a fan of real fur coats. These people should instead opt for fake fur and teddy faux fur versions, so they don’t have to give up on the luxury look at all!

Nevertheless, you have to be careful, since not everything that is claimed to be fake fur is indeed fake fur. Some fashion brands are known for using real fur, often dog and cat fur, even though they claim to offer fake fur. Always call it into question!

Now to the nicer facts about fake fur! Fake fur coats are voluminous, wild and irresistible. They are the most beautiful statement piece the fashion world has to offer currently. They often come in neutral colors, sometimes also in black-and-white strips or leopard looks. Fake fur coats are real eye-catchers and super cool!

Tiger of Sweden currently offers short black fake fur coats and Mango ’s designs stand out with colorful contrasts and outstanding prints. Don’t forget about faux teddy fur coats which have been also very trendy recently.

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