On Friday, May 11th, a legendary fashion show awaits you on the Fashion Week in Poland this year. Of course I’m referring to the label Szpila, which indeed can be called a newcomer in the fashion branch. The urban look, which assumes a very elegant shape considering the geometric and mostly straight lines, will definitely jazz up your wardrobe. Here, the young fashionista can find a whole new outfit, with which she can look stylish during the daytime and at night. Sexy shorts, revealing but not too obscene tops and short dresses give street wear a new sexy and seductive meaning. Revealing cuts clash with material choices full of contrasts. Denim is paired with black leather elements, which emphasizes the dominant look and makes your outfit stand out.

Short jeans shorts are worn with crop tops and coats, which is very en vogue right now and accentuates the casual and almost athletic style of Szpila. The jeans are of course available in the skinny version, while the coat can also be worn as a dress. The easygoing, casual look with the elegant flair is one of my favorites of the Fashion Week in Poland.

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