Gerry Weber  is one of the top international fashion brands that are known for their feminine touch. Intricate details individualize Gerry Webers classic fashion lines which are essentially fashion trends combined with basics. This wonderful symbiosis with its different features cannot be described as anything other than unique.

Gerry Weber knows how to spot current trends only to group them into different color schemes. This is used to capture the feminine charisma as part of the fashion line which is then highlighted through traditional patterns. General terms like  “Oxford”, “Cambridge” and “London” dictate the lines while traditional color combinations play the main roles.

Given the key word of the day, “classic”, we just have to talk about the most classic pair of them all: Black & White. They are especially accentuated in combination with elegant silhouettes and chic completions. The use of a third color brings out the contrast between black and white even more. Checkered prints, zebra patterns or houndstooth top off the whole line. The many possibilities of the most popular contrast can act as the perfect well for a chic woman. Urban trends with the slight elegant touch tell their own tales of the vividness that is femininity.

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