The denim brand Mos Mosh devotes itself wholeheartedly to the jeans in order to perfect them. As a feminine jeans brand, fit, extravagance and quality come first. Based in Denmark, Mos Mosh has an international standard and made it to international fame. Its philosophy deals with the design of the perfect pair of jeans.

Passion, love and ambition can be noticed in the collections and this can even be felt particularly with regards to the fit. Mos Mosh approaches jeans in a different way than others and definitely doesn’t adapt to the current trends. Despite the modern style, Mos Mosh emphasizes the uniqueness of the jeans and thus the individuality of their subsequent wearer. The jeans receive their status by their shapes as well as the special Mos Mosh twist.

My favorites are the blue jeans which shine out thanks to unique details including special washes as well as applications, visible seams or attached zippers. However, the collections consist of far more than “just” the fascinating denim wear. There are also distinctive jackets and cool tops as well as leather goods and accessories.

The full package is perfect and particularly stands for the continuously casual style à la urban hippie. Coolness meets boho, but in a playful and romantic way that reminds me of the festival season just like a girls-night! The extensive palette ranges from checkered blazers, leather jackets and printed shirts to oversized cardigans.

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