Longchamp is a name that should ring a bell for many of you, especially if you’ve got a soft spot for bags! Those on the hunt for exciting, extraordinary and durable handbags are guaranteed to find what they want amongst the assortment this brand has to offer. The leather pieces are a tribute not only to femininity,but also to creativity. With its intensive, seductive, cheeky and wild designs, Longchamp is the number 1 for many fashionistas around the world.

With the onset of summer comes a new line of bags, and they impress yet again through their different colours and patterns. This time, various shades of pink play a lead role alongside leopard prints. The handbags have clear lines and fit perfectly with this season’s repertoire of fashion.

The resulting look leads us into the world of high fashion. Belonging to the assortment are, for example, the blouson made of silk and satin, the leather-coat with a ruffled waistline and the pink miniskirt. The fashion is as sporty as it is elegant and leaves no room for discussion! Through a relaxed and thoughtful management of the line, an elegantly casual style is seen to be transmitted from piece to piece.

Modern simplicity is the keyword for both for the handbags and the fashion. This summer line has been spiced up with a cheeky touch, guaranteeing the attention of the fashion scene.

More Info: www.longchamp.com