The British-Swedish artist Ian Berry is also known as ‘Denimu’. The name represents the Japanese pronunciation of the word denim, which is the trademark of the artist.

At first glance, his work might look like photographs or paintings in different blues shades. But when taking a closer look, you will realize that his art work is made out of different layers of different blue denim fabrics. The designs are mostly about the lonely and less glamorous sides and aspects of city life. But the talented artists even turned celebrities into denim art. Debbie Harry, Jennifer Saunders or Giorgio Armani were all portrayed by Denimu with the help of old jeans.

The hype around this artist is rising, as his numerous exhibitions in London, Sweden and throughout Europe and the United States were met with applause and recognition. Even in San Francisco, the hometown of the jeans, his exhibitions were quickly sold out and highly praised in the media. Ian Berry aka ‘DeniMu’ is now one of the top 30 of the most successful artists under the age of 30 around the world.

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